Natalie Bennett Art
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The Show

This gallery displays paintings that the artist has created with some kind of story going on. Like any good story,oral or written, it is better if we can relate to the main character in some way. Is this also true of a painting?

After the show

This painting depicts a couple perhaps cooling down after a performance...

24" x 36"

Are You Looking for Me

Dressing up can be so much fun, exploring the different parts of our characters...

34" x 20"


The intense stare that the young man so readily engages the viewer in creates...

13" x 27"

Before the Show

Here we see two figures clearly engaged in an intimate moment...

24" x 59"

Chess Girls IV

Three women seem to be quite involved with a game of chess.

36" x 24"


A burlesque type of circus showgirl rests or poses in a somewhat provocative...

47" x 39" - SOLD

Maria Reflecting

Does she see her future or is she reflecting on the past?...

24" x 32"


With a New York 1930’s vibe and certainly having inspiration from the incredible...

48" x 72"

Someone I used to know

As the title suggests, this painting poses underlying questions regarding...

20" x 20" SOLD

The Main Event

A cabaret style character in a circus setting. The girl has a vulnerable quality...

20" x 32"

Vanity Stare

A young girl checks herself in the mirror before a show. In the background...

20" x 32"

Top Girl

An other-worldly light is cast on the face of this young girl.. who is seemingly lost in another world....

24" x 32"