Natalie Bennett Art
Natalie Bennett Art


Christine Neu, Germany
Buyer of “Three girls backstage/Sous-vetements” and others
Artist Natalie Bennett is unbelievable, a great talent. She is a volcano and an exceptional artist who manages to band a piece of eternity into her special compositions. Her paintings often show strong women and tell their own story. She paints boldly, generously and artistically. That’s what I love about her art and why I love buying it. I especially adore my image ”Sous-vetements”. I am an actress and dancer myself, so for me it has additional meaning reflecting an electrifying backstage theatre scene.. Natalie often uses vintage frames, I like that so much. Without following a trend she has created a trend, with a special aura, an enchanted atmosphere. She is an old soul and I have named her the wonderful red-haired English witch.
Gill Elias, Kenya
Natalie painted a magical painting of my daughter and myself riding on an elephant that fills me with great happiness. Natalie's talent is to use broad brush strokes, colour and a confident energy so that her portraits tell a whole story. In this instance she captures the sheer joy and fun of the occasion. It is Natalie's vibrant larger than life character that fills her art with life, warmth and an originality that makes it uniquely hers.
Tracey Thomas
I had seen some other works done by this artist and really enjoyed how she captured the human image in her own unique style. I therefore commissioned a portrait, wanting it to be artistically risque. I am so pleased with her work. She has captured me for years to come with the exact flare and style only she can produce. Thank you so much it is a beautiful example of your work.
Julia Holmes
Midnight tones, louche women, a glimpse into a dressing room. Natalie’s evocative painting beautifully captures a suspended moment in time. Makes me wonder what or who they are waiting for. ( Two Girls at a Bar ) With more than a nod to Tamara de Lempicka, here’s another slice of thirties backstage life and dressing room girls. It’s got a laidback sensuality that draws you in and makes you want to whisper the next move in the ear of the closest girl. The original is stunning, and although much smaller in size, all of the above is maintained in the rich, deep colours of my print.
Anna Morgan
I absolutely adore Natalie’s stunning paintings. They are sexy and exciting. Her passion shines through! For me they are a beautiful window into human emotions and the complexity and beauty of relationships. Natalie has a gift!
I bought my mother one of Natalie's frog pictures because it made me smile. She loves it. It expresses Natalie's humour and Joie de vibe!
John Grigg
Nats is a great friend of ours and she is a colourful, radiant and inspiring artist, wonderfully personified These traits are very much reflected in her work, and our walls smile, hosting her creativity.
We have in our flat a picture of a mother and child by Natalie. It is so simple and yet so expressive: it means more to me than any other picture.
Anoushka Cassano, London
I immediately fell in love with Natalie's unique style when I bought ‘Backstage Dancers’ . I quickly followed it up with a commission piece for which I gave her a narrative and vague information about the “feeling” of what I wanted.
Natalie surpassed all expectations walking me through her own thought process and interpretation of the brief, this was my first ever commission and I wasn’t sure what to expect , working with Natalie was amazing and made this piece even more special than the visually stunning results. The colours and texture are breathtaking and of all my artworks(I have many) ‘Maria’ and ‘Backstage Dancers’ are the ones people most comment on. I would recommend working with Natalie to anyone she is a unique free spirit who Is a joy to work with.
I’m already planning to commission some more art and have recommended Natalie to a number of people who have been as equally as delighted as I have with their acquisitions.
Murray Harkin
Natalie is special and her work is quite extraordinary. Here is a hidden talent waiting to burst onto the top echelon of the artworld. It’s not if, it’s when her work gets the credit it so deserves. Each painting I have bought or commissioned from her is a true treasure. Everyday I enjoy looking at them knowing that one day the painter will be recognised for the incredible talent she clearly has.
Louis Ball
Ms Bennett is an amazing talent. The paintings I have of hers bring me pleasure everyday. Her style is fantastic. Invest now in 10 years you'll wish you had. Keep it up. I love what you do.
Finn and James MaCarthy
Both James and I absolutely treasure the wonderful painting by Natalie that we are lucky enough to own. It has pride of pace in our home and everyone who sees it admires it.
I loved Natalie's art that much that I asked her to marry me...
Emma Berkley-Williams
Such amazing art. The print is excellent quality, justly showing off the vibrant colours. Everyone comments on the gorgeous piece hanging in my dining room… so unique.. We love it.
Natalie is a magnificent artist, in my eyes. Her paintings are full of stories of love, lust and passion. That’s what keeps us going lol!
Renata Cermakova : A Model
This experience was a turning point for me… I suddenly realised, with the help of Natalie, that both my body and my personality are erotic.I suddenly felt stronger in my mind and imagination too. Moreover my actual perspective of my shape and features has tremendously improved.
This was achieved by Natalie herself painting my body and my personality at the same time. This is what I see in her pictures. Through Natalies ability to capture the real me I started to like myself more at what was a difficult stage of my life. Her use of colour and the playful setting of the scene took me away from being a single working mother and allowed me to be sexy, pretty and even intriguing.
Natalie helped me to find myself again. In one of her paintings, the position is quite a vulnerable one yet I felt quite relaxed and in control, confident to show my body with all its flaws. I trusted that she would get it right and she did. Natalie is a magnificent artist, in my eyes. Her paintings are full of stories of love, lust and passion. That’s what keeps us going lol!