Natalie Bennett Art
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The following paintings are inspired by moments in time where the emotions and energies of the people described have been caught.
The artist has a connection with, and compassion for, those around her which she seeks to share with her audience.


A rather macabre dressing room is the setting for this portrait of a clown, preparing...

23" x 23" 

Finishing Touches

Inspired by a loving and seemingly easy bond between mother and daughter...

60" x 20" 

Friends forever

A rare self portrait, with a very close and long standing friend.

30" x 40" - SOLD


Adorned with Top Hat and Ring Master’s coat this intriguing spirit has a light about her that...

26" x 40" 


A young man is seen relaxing with his book and his cat. Peace.

30" x 20" 

Wood Nymph

This painting was inspired by a romantic picnic in the woods.

26" x 26" - SOLD