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Natalie Bennett Art

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My fascination with the human mind, body and spirit feeds my passion to portray both inner and outer beauty.

The simplicity and enchantment of both face and figure are a delight in themselves, the mind with its unfathomable depths, sometimes obvious to read and at others, totally masked.
When witnessing that fleeting glance or gesture, often directed towards another, the viewer becomes a voyeur and thus pulled into the scene around them.

It is these intimate moments that I am drawn to capture. An interesting backdrop, costume or atmosphere gives the viewer a chance to create a story for themselves about what may have just occurred or what is about to happen… Or perhaps just what is occurring right then and there, in that moment.

For me variety IS the spice of life and so although working predominantly in oils I do from time to time like to dabble…some mixed media…a little mono printing… pen and ink… charcoal… clay… mmmmmmmm!


Born in Sussex, May 1968, the middle of three girls. I was a high spirited, independent happy child, fortunate to live in the countryside which inspired my love of nature and fulfilled my need for space and tranquillity.

Having enjoyed a carefree school life I was given a place at Birmingham Polytechnic to study Art and Design. On completion of my studies I felt free to satisfy my longing to travel and so left for France with two friends and a Volvo.

Several years, countries, and jobs later I realised her desire to pursue my studies. I enrolled in a degree course specialising in Fine Art with Education at Christchurch College Canterbury, which enabled me to become a teacher of Art and Drama, graduating in the Summer of 1994. Having fulfilled my passion to inspire others through my teaching in 2015 I decided to change my path, follow my heart once again and this time focus on a career in art, more specifically , painting.

I consider myself very blessed to be able to do this.

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Hawkhurst, Kent, United Kingdom