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The artist has always been fascinated with both the physical and mental aspects of desire. The wonderful bodies we so often take for granted. Passion, sensuality, imagination, longing, anticipation etc… all have their parts to play out in this genre.


Exploring the theme of bondage and sub/dom relationships.

16" x 35" - SOLD

Not so Fast

Exploring again, the theme of sub/dom relations, this piece hints at a more...

20" x 40"

Pillow Play

Two old friends enjoying a much needed break in between lockdowns!...

60" x 36"

Pussys Galore

This large painting was a joy to create, having a huge affection for both...

48" x 40"

Stick em up

A painting which celebrates the beauty of the human form and a suggestion...

20" x 44"


At last… it is time to surrender...

30" x 40"
Chorus Gals

Chorus Gals

19" x 23"
A Glimpse of Vulnerability

A Glimpse of Vulnerability

32" x 24 "