Natalie Bennett Art
Natalie Bennett Art

Art Exhibitions

12th July–12th October 2019

MAC - Museum Art & Cars

Singen, Germany
March 2019

See Spray Gallery

Hastings, East Sussex
February 2019

Parallax Art Fair

Chelsea Hall, Kings Road, London

Previous Art Exhibitions

Here is a list of some of the other exhibitions I have attended over the years:


June 24–30 - Trinity Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

June - Wealden Times Midsummer Fair, Hole Park, Kent


June - Stag, Ashford, Kent


September - The Town Hall, Singen, Germany

March - The Fishslab, Whitstable, Kent


October–December - Butchery Lane, Canterbury, Kent


October - Butchery Lane, Canterbury, Kent

June - Burgate, Canterbury, Kent

Got An Event Coming Up?

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